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Help Kick Cancer to the Curb

Order Your Pink Cart​ from Borden Waste-Away Service Today!



Read Press Release about our 2015 Donation to

IU Health Goshen Center for Cancer Care


Now You Can Help Trash Cancer in Two Ways:

1. Every Pink Cart Sign Up Represents a $5 Donation

$5 goes to the American Cancer Society's ("ACS") Breast Cancer Awareness programs for every cart placed.  Funds are directed to the local Indiana ACS Chapters.  Click Here to Sign Up for Pink Cart Services now!

2. You can Enroll in Borden's "Trash Cancer Matching Fund" too!

Borden Waste-Away Group will match your $1 monthly donation.  The program is available with or without Pink Cart​.  Your donation and our match will be given to the local Goshen Center for Cancer Care Research Fund, to support:

*  Clinical Trials  - Forty Five (45) active trials, including breast, lung, colorectal, lymphoma, esophagael, head & neck, prostate, melanoma, multiple myeloma, pancreatic and other cancers.

 The Tissue Bank

 Preclinical Studies - Early detection, cancer vaccinations and improved radiation oncology verification systems.


Call (800) 386-3313  to Order Your Pink Cart Now!



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