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Sign Up for the Pink Cart and/or Trash Cancer Matching Fund


We are very pleased to offer you two different ways to support the fight against cancer:

1.  The Pink Cart ™ Program 

Switch out your current cart for a Pink Cart.  Each cart placed represents a $5.00 donation to the American Cancer Society. 100% of this donation goes to the Indiana chapter of ACS. 

2.  Trash Cancer Matching Fund

Borden Waste-Away Service is also offering a donation matching program, which is available with or without a Pink Cart.  Interested customers add $1 to their monthly bill.  At the end of the year, Borden matches the entire donated amount dollar for dollar.  The donation and match will be given to the Goshen Center for Cancer Care Research Fund to support Clinical Trials, The Tissue Bank, and Preclinical Studies to fight a wide variety of cancers.

There will be a fee of Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00) to cover the operational cost associated with the switch-out of your new Pink Cart™.

Thank you for signing up for the fight against cancer using Borden Waste-Away's Pink Cart™ Services!