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About Waste-Away Group

Ownership of the Waste-Away Group is comprised of second and third generation family members.   Charles Himes, Sr, formed the company in 1940 and it began as a one-truck operation.  Today ownership is represented by a group of five people; second generation brothers, Charles Himes II and Stephen Himes and third generation brothers, Charles Himes III, Christopher Himes and Kenneth Himes.   The owners (see below picture gallery) work together to manage and maintain the multi-functional company as the market leader.

Waste-Away Group - Who are We?

Waste-Away Group, Ltd. manages waste collection, transportation, and disposal, both to a Materials Recovery Facility and landfill facilities for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Having served Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan for over 70 years, Waste-Away Group, Ltd. is headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana. Its affiliate companies, Borden Waste-Away Service, Inc., providing residential waste and recycling removal, Himco Waste-Away Service, Inc., serving our commercial and industrial customers for their waste and recycling removal, Integra Certified Document Destruction LLC, providing safe, secure destruction of sensitive material and hard drives, and Recycling Works, Inc., the Materials Recovery Facility that sorts and ships recycling commodities to the world market for reuse. Together, these companies making up Waste-Away Group, provide innovative, environmentally sound solutions while maintaining a leading market share in its core business areas.


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Sturgis Michigan Joins Waste-Away Group Family

Borden Waste-Away provides curbside recycling for the City of Sturgis, Michigan.  Program guidelines and service details provided to Sturgis residents in the City Light Community Newsletter...                                              


Waste-Away Group Specialty Equipment offers a full range of waste compactors, pre-crushers, self-dumping hoppers and rotopack compacting for rolloff containers!

Watch the recycling process covering a wide variety of materials!
Watch Single and Dual Stream Collection and Instructive Lid Signage!
Rated A+ by the BBB, Waste-Away Group has the equipment to serve you best!


 Kenneth Himes      Christopher Himes      Charles Himes    Stephen Himes    Charles Himes

Kenneth Himes     


Waste-Away Group   

Christopher Himes


Borden Waste-Away

Charles Himes III      


Recycling Works

Stephen Himes

Vice President

Waste-Away Group 

Charles Himes, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Waste-Away Group



The 40's:  The Good Ol' Days
1940 : Himes Cartage Company founded
Re-Use & Reselling Service of Shipping Containers Begins

The 50's:  Getting Serious
Chas Himes & Sons - Industrial/Lugger Operation Begins

The 60's:  Growing and Expanding
Himes Cartage Company Moved
C.R. 10 Landfill begins Operation
Himco Waste-Away Service, Inc.Created - Introduction of Commercial Packer Operations

Mechanic, Inc. founded - On-Site Truck Repair begins

The 70's:  A New Business Structure
Borden Waste-Away Service, Inc. is founded
Himco Waste-Away Adds New Service: Industrial Roll-Off
Recycling Works, Inc. is founded
Earthmover, Inc. begins C.R. 26 Landfill Operations

The 80's: A Decade of Progression
Curb Side Recycling Program Implemented
Expansion of C.R. 26 Landfill
Kimedic Technologies, Inc. founded
Standardization of Truck Fleet Image
Waste-Not Society founded
Rebuilding of Truck Fleet

The 90's: A New Era in Recycling
Household Hazardous Waste Day Program begins
Recycling Drop Off Stations
Customer Support Department Created
Expanded Recycling Materials & Materials Management
Developed Confidential Document Destruction Service


The 2000’s: Getting Technical

Recycling Drop Off Sites Converted to Automated

Fully Automated Residential Service Begins

On-Board Technology Added to Fleet

On-Site Mobile Shredding Service Offered

Constructed and Opened New Materials Recycling Facility

2010’s:  Moving Into the Future

Stay tuned…..