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Himco Industrial Waste Management


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Himco Industrial Waste Service Delivers

When choosing a waste hauler, it's important to partner with a company that mirrors your company's image.  Esthetics, cleanliness and efficiency are all objectives of Himco Waste-Away.  We provide waste removal solutions to commercial and industrial customers including hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, schools, insurance companies, manufacturers, office complexes, restaurants, grocery stores, and more.  Our goal is to listen to your needs and give you options to maximize efficiency and to provide as many recycling opportunities as possible.  Work with Himco so you can focus on your company's operation and leave the waste to us.

Tips for Successful Pick Ups                         Rolloff
Bulky Items Event Boxes
Choosing the Right Container
Getting the Most from your Container

Tips for Successful Commercial Waste Pickup

Maintain a clear path for truck access to the trash containers and enclosure
Fit all trash into the container with lid closed
Keep the service area in front of the container free from obstructions
Bag trash before placing into container to help minimize spillage
Provide an open overhead clearance of 18’
Be sure gates on enclosures have stops to avoid doors from swinging during service
Consult Himco Waste-Away before constructing a new enclosure for containers

Items Not Allowed in the Trash Container

•    Batteries
•    Chemicals
•    Electronics
•    Fuels
•    Hot Ashes
•    Leaves
•    Liquids
•    Medical Waste
•    Paint
•    Pesticides
•    Tires

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Bulky Items

Call Customer Support to arrange special pickup of bulky items.   Examples of such items are:  appliances, furniture, mattresses, carpet rolls, and others.

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Choosing the Right Size of Container

Front load containers are manufactured in various sizes.  Our sales representatives will review all of the options while considering all of the factors that affect pickup.  

Front Load Dimensions

Front Load: Height Width w/ pocket Depth Loading Height into Side Door Side Door
2 cubic yd 40" 79" 37"    
3 cubic yd 48" 79" 53"    
4 cubic yd 49" 79" 59"    
6 cubic yd Standard 58" 79" 71"    
6 cubic yd Standard with Side Feet 62" 79" 66"  30" 30"X30"  
6 cubic yd Slant 51" 79" 75"    
8 cubic yd Standard with Side Feet 75" 79" 74" 41" 30"X30"
8 cubic yd Low Profile 50" 79" 96"    
8 cubic yd Slant 50" 79" 80"    


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Rolloff Container Dimensions

 Rolloff: Height Width Length
15 cubic yd 3.5' 8' 22'
21 cubic yd 4' 8' 22'
30 cubic yd 6' 8' 22'
50 cubiic yd 9' 8' 22'


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Event Boxes

Event boxes are a great way to collect trash or recycling at a special event.   Boxes are constructed of corrugated cardboard and hold approximately 30 gallons.  Each box comes with 2 liners so bags can be switched out for multiple use. 

For a larger event, event boxes will complement a larger disposal option such as a temporary Borden Big Box or a rolloff container.  Collect waste and recycling in each event box and place bags into the larger container.

Whether the event is a graduation or a corporate gathering, event boxes will provide an esthetic waste or recycling collection solution.  Consult a Customer Support Representative at   ( 800 ) 634–4626 X 570 for service options.

Getting you the most from every container

  Himco rolloff services gives you access to a vast roll off container inventory, as well as the ability to complete large projects or to request multiple hauls in a single day!  Roll Off Containers range in size from a 15 yard roll off container, to that of 50 yard rolloff containers.  
Additional value added options include Rotopack Services which provide for extra volume in rolloff containers that save you money.  Depending upon your project, you can maximize hauling weight to improve efficiency and be even more cost effective.

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